WOTCA 2016

Coimbra, Portugal, June 21-24.


The workshop will take place at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Coimbra.  

Coimbra is a very nice and historic town. It's home to the oldest university in Portugal, and its life is very centered around the various aspects of academic life.

It is very easy to reach Coimbra from Lisbon or Porto by train or by bus.


1) Reaching Coimbra from Lisbon or Porto

There is a direct connection by metro from the airport to the train station (Oriente in Lisbon, Campanhã in Porto).

Take the train to Coimbra-B.

You can see the train schedule here (see the Legenda / key for the meaning of the symbols).  The corresponding ticket prices are here (Alfa Pendular train) and here (Intercidades train).

For instance, the price of a train ticket Lisbon-Coimbra-Lisbon ranges from 35 to 41,50 euros, depending on whether you take the Alfa Pendular or the Intercidades train.


2) Reaching the hotel and the university

From the train station, Coimbra-B, to Hotel Dona Inês, and from the hotel to the university,  you can either take a taxi or walk. Please see Google maps here.